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August 2, 2024

Jul 22, 2024


Aug 2, 2024

Songwriting Workshop

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A songwriting class teaches the art of writing songs, covering lyrics, melodies, harmonies, and song structure. Through a mix of lectures, workshops, and feedback sessions, students learn to create and refine their musical ideas. Recording session at professional recording studio at the end of camp.


  1. Creative Expression: Explore and express your creativity through structured guidance.
  2. Technical Skills: Learn to write lyrics, memorable melodies, and harmonious arrangements.
  3. Feedback: Receive constructive feedback to refine your songs.
  4. Inspiration: Collaborate with peers to spark new ideas and creativity.
  5. Industry Knowledge: Work with professional record producer/ sound engineer.
  6. Confidence: Build confidence through regular practice and positive reinforcement.
  7. Personal Growth: Use songwriting for emotional exploration.
  8. Goal Achievement: Set and achieve songwriting goals within a structured environment.
  9. Enjoyment: Immerse yourself in the joy and fulfillment of creating music.

Runs July 22nd through August 2nd,  12PM to 3PM.

Total: $495