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"I spent 9 years as a Nutley School of Music Student on 3 different instruments (piano, bass, and voice). During this time, the staff and students felt like a family to me and always made me feel welcome. I was able to learn at a pace that worked for me, and the musical knowledge gained during my time at NSM will last a lifetime."
- Lindsay

"My 9 and 12 year old sons go to Nutley School of Music and love it! Their teachers are great, plus they get the opportunity to participate in other fun programs like recitals, camp, and even being in a rock band. I have seen both of them develop tremendously as musicians, and can't wait to watch them develop even more."
- Christina

"All of the staff at Nutley School of Music are awesome. They truly make learning an instrument a rewarding and fun experience. "
- Kara

"My experience at Nutley School of Music was so unique because I didn't just learn piano - I became a part of the environment, picking up new instruments and having a dedicated staff to help me shape my own path in music. As I grew, they helped me learn how to interact with the younger generation and bring it full circle as I taught them. NSM ultimately is a musical family, working with each student based on their interests and needs, and helping us  realize our true potential."
- Alex

"We take grandchildren ages 2 & 3 who absolutely look forward to it each week. Small class sizes help and they just love their teacher. They even have pretend classes at home and sing the songs. A special time!"
- Robert

"Nutley School of Music provides an encouraging, supportive environment for students to have a great time playing and performing music. It was such a great opportunity for me to study there for 12 years surrounded by such wonderful musicians who are passionate about their students and their progress!"
- Alexa

"I can honestly and comfortably say that my experience at Nutley School of Music has brought me out of my shell. Personality wise and musically. The friendly atmosphere made it so much fun to learn and create powerful music with the fellow musicians/students. The instructors make it so fun and easy to learn an instrument and trust me, you will find your place."
- Rosina

"My experience at Nutley School of Music was definitely something I'll never forget. I've developed amazing music skills, and made some great friends in the process. The instructors are determined to help you get the most out of your lessons. I highly recommend NSM to anybody who is interested in learning an instrument, and then some."
- Matthew

"All the staff took care of me for the near-decade I was with them, and I've learned a lot through those years- in more ways than musically.

In addition to being able to meet and work with so many great people as part of the Rock Show, I learned how to go out of my comfort zone (I took up a mic and sang in front of lots of people for the first time!). Those many lessons and practices taught me about a hard practice ethic, and patience in working with myself and others."
- Kieran

"Our family has been with Nutley School of Music for over 14 years.  The instructors we have had are excellent teachers and excellent musicians – a truly valuable combination – who foster both technical mastery and musical expression.  NSM instills in their students a lifelong love of music and affords many exciting opportunities for sharing it – recitals, the famous Rock Show, performances at community events, workshops and ensembles."  
- Barbara

"I am not your typical music student. I'm in my late 20s with a musical item on my bucket list: I wanted to play Christmas songs for my family on the piano during my favorite holiday. I am not musically inclined at all and have no musical background knowledge, so I was pretty nervous to start taking lessons at this point in my life. Well, I needn't have worried, because I had awesome experience at Nutley School of Music. My teacher was so patient (and didn't seem to find it weird that she was teaching a grown adult the most basic of musical concepts!) and she helped me learn and practice the songs so that I was ready to go on Christmas Eve. I would tell anyone out there who wants to get started in music to start here because I had such a great time. Thanks again!! "
- Katie

"Nutley School of Music is a fantastic educational institution which offers a variety of opportunities to its students such as instrumental lessons, summer camps, and group ensembles. The staff are kind, professional, and college educated in the field of music. The environment fosters creativity and allows students to express themselves while learning fundamental theories of music. As a piano student who attended NSM for over 10 years, I consider the school my home away from home. As a current college student, I continue to use many of the lessons Kyong has instilled in me from a young age. I would recommend anyone, regardless of age or skill level, to Nutley School of  Music."
- Marina

"I am proud to say that I have had the privilege of being a student at one of the finest businesses in Nutley; Nutley School of Music. Throughout my lessons I quickly realized how much NSM does for the community of Nutley. I have come to that realization because I am simultaneously a senior at Nutley High School. The music program in Nutley has earned much recognition for the town and it's finest individual players have done some amazing things. One of my fellow students has played on Jimmy Kimmel and is at the moment attending a college for the performing arts. Guess where he has gotten his start? Nutley School of Music of course. Another one of my peers has just been admitted to one of the most prestigious jazz programs in the country. He too had beginnings at NSM.

Even if a student does not continue their lessons into high school they can most certainly bet that if they had some amount of experience with NSM before hand they are going to be successful in what is ranked the 25th best music program in the nation. That is quite the leg up on an amazing music program!

As for me I am honored to say that I am one of Nutley High Schools more advanced musicians myself. I owe almost all my understanding of music to Nutley School of Music. I have sang at Carnegie hall, performed at exclusive jazz conventions and universities before and have had recognition from programs such as William Paterson. I owe much of my success and musical drive to one of the finest businesses in Nutley, Nutley School of  Music."
- Robert

"I started at 4 years old. My teacher was strict but fun. She let me pick my songs and always pushed me to practice hard.  She always challenged me and because of that I played songs I didn't think I could play.  She helped me all the way through my college auditions and because of the way she taught me I was accepted into 7 different music schools including my top school and program which I am attending now for undergrad."
- Melody

"I've been with Nutley School of Music for about 8 or 9 years and it has definitely pushed me to evolve my guitar playing for the better. All the teachers are super passionate about what they do. I was challenged not only to better my guitar playing but to improve my work ethic, songwriting, creative thinking, and more. Through the lessons, the rock shows, and camps it was always a fun and fulfilling experience, and it made me even more so passionate about music."
- Rita

We teach Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Voice,  Drum, Violin and Viola and Cello Lessons

I absolutely love Nutley School of Music. The staff is top-notch and take music education very serious yet know how to make it fun. My son has been going for over a year now and loves it. He’s made remarkable progress in drums and enjoys his weekly sessions like nothing else before. This is without a doubt the best music school around.

- Tim B.

All of the staff at Nutley School of Music are awesome. They truly make learning an instrument a rewarding and fun experience.

- Kara